Sherlock Miller Investigates

If you don’t have time to read a 300 to 400 page novel. Think about the time you do have while waiting in the doctor’s office or for a friend to get ready to go shopping. Amazon Kindle has   stories in short episodes for you to read in so those few minutes you are waiting. The official name for these types of stories is call Serializied Fiction.

If you are looking to read a crime drama with an urban fantasy flavor, I have the story for you in the format you can read on your cell phone or tablet. These short episodes range from 1,000 to 2,500 words. Each episode is the equivalent of a television episode with a story line and a cliffhanger. When one cliffhanger gets answered another cliffhanger teases your mind at what will happen next. Go to and check out the Sherlock Miller story. You can read the first three episodes for free. Additional episodes you will have the opportunity to buy tokens. The tokens will cost you about the same per episode as if you bought the complete eBook from Amazon.

A new episode of the Sherlock Miller series will go up each Tuesday and Thursday. Right now I have over twenty episodes waiting for your enjoyment.