Fair Time Times Sixty Plus

After attending over sixty plus state or county fairs, the thought of attending another one has become less exciting. The same old, same old viewing of an overweight pig, exhibitors exhibiting goods they think I need, and youngsters showing off their ability to raise livestock with their parents’ help. Granted, a few new rides and different games populate the midway. I think it’s a waste of money to win a teddy bear when the ball toss favors the game. I pass on the rides that frighten me from observing others.

This year I came up with a brilliant idea for a different way to experience the fair. I asked a friend to show me the Western Idaho State Fair through their eyes. I forfeited my preferences while at the fair. I walked with my friend, observing and experiencing. What I learned from that day was:

  • A thick strawberry milkshake that reminded me of the strawberry Nestle Quick I drank as a kid.
  • The numerous older folks riding around in electric scooters.
  • A young man sold my friend a butched half of beef from his prize-winning animal.
  • I learned about mules are likeable creatures.
  • I met a pale horse with one green and one brown eye.
  • My friend’s love for horses is far greater than I had imagined.
  • There is a yellow tomato when growing with a perfect shape is seldom attainable.
  • I saw some very creative cake decorators in Idaho.
  • I got reminded that people, their family, their animals, and sharing their stuff with others is the heart of any fair.

I attended the fair on opening day, with my friend and family. I may not go back until next year, but what I can tell you is that I am going to find another person and walk through the fair, observing and experiencing their fair.