Gowen Thunder and Fair

Four F14 red, white, and blue-colored jets disappear behind a group of buildings. Boom! Up they shoot in four directions with white tails. The sound of their engines vibrates the air. Sending a chilling excitement through my entire body.

It’s been years since I’ve been to an airshow. Having an air show on the last day of the Western Idaho State Fair did not make it a tough decision for me which event I would attend. The week before, I attended the opening day of the Western Idaho State Fair. This last Sunday I found the parking lot, went through a light security check, and bused to the Gowen Field to not only see flying jets, but having the opportunity to be up close and personal to a wide variety of military aircraft.

Yes, I am a fan boy when it comes to military equipment. I have worked around and used an array of electric mechanical devices. When it comes to the quality built into military helicopters and jets puts a big smile on my face.

Seeing fuel and hydraulic lines made of stainless steel. Electric wires routed in unison, tie wrapped together, and terminated with insulated connectors demonstrate the care and quality put into the work.

Granted, men’s and women’s lives depend upon those helicopters and jets not failing. A lot of emphasis gets put upon our frontline soldiers risking their lives. I want to express my gratitude to those who ensure frontline soldiers’ safety through their top-quality work. And at airshows like last weekend, those pilots can perform such jaw dropping maneuvers and survive.

The week before, when I went to the Western Idaho State Fair, I did a loose look over what holds the rides together. They do not put those rides through the rigors similar to an F14 jet. I emphatically declare I would feel safer going through a back flip in an F14 than being held up in the air from a fair ride. I know, I could see myself falling asleep while going cross-country in a Chinook helicopter. The quality of construction and maintenance between the two has no comparison.

I wrote this blog post to point out what I have observed. Granted over the past week we had military personal die in equipment related accident. I believe there would be a lot more deaths if it were not for the quality of work and inspection done on the equipment.