The Shuttered Reality

In Shuttered Reality, we look through the lens to see Jason Roberts joining the Army. After boot camp, the Army trained Jason as a photographer and sent him to Germany. There he took photographs across the Berlin Wall.

A couple weeks before the Christmas of 1967, Corporal Jason Roberts took some leave time in Hamberg, Germany. While there, he spotted General Moorehead Christmas shopping with a beautiful young blonde. Jason looked down at the camera hanging around his neck and then up at the loving couple. He came up with the idea of taking their photograph, putting it in a frame, and mailing it to the General’s house for Christmas. Jason expected the General would be so pleased he would give him an early promotion.

The photograph arrived at the General’s home. His wife opened the package. The General was not shopping with his wife, but his mistress. The wife threw the General’s clothes out on the front yard and proceeded to tell everyone about her cheating husband.

General Moorehead arranged for Jason to be sent to Vietnam. Meanwhile, the Pentagon sent General Moorehead to Vietnam with the loss of one of his two stars. General Moorehead arranged for Jason to be attached to a squad of misfit rule breakers who get sent on suicide missions.

Over time, Jason discovered Sergeant Psycho (his squad leader) along with Lieutenant Alice Doyle (an Army nurse) operates covertly for the CIA.

We follow a young Jason Roberts’ adventure while he grows into the leader of the same squad of misfits.