Elevator Influence

Over the past week, I have become intrigued with a box that travels vertically. It’s entire purpose is to transport people and materials from one level to the next. Put the box in a unique location. That box can be the setting of a variety of interesting events. Granted 99% of the people who ride in this box will experience nothing unusual. Only less than 1% of those who ride in a box will experience excitement from another rider or the box itself.

From the title of this post, you can surmise I am referring to the elevator. Every modern building with over three floors has one. Traditionally called lifts, humans, animals and sometimes water operated these platforms. Today’s modern elevator came into use in 1852. Some commercial properties with as few as two levels have elevators.

Elevators can add an interesting influence on a work of fiction as well as our everyday life. We have seen Captain America having fight a traitorous group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in an elevator. What about lovers sneaking a romantic kiss in an elevator? A way to add tension is to have an elevator fall several stories. These scenes would not work in a stairwell.

Face it, just being placed in an enclosed space with a stranger can bring about some level of excitement. By the elevator going up or down can add a whole range of possibilities to one’s imagination. Some people feel some tension when they ride in an elevator. A person’s anxiety level can rise if the elevator jerks or stops between floors. These setting can add to the excitement in a story.

The next time you approach an elevator, think about the time and energy you save riding in that elevator.