Why We Need Conflict?

This morning, watching the morning news, my thoughts stuck on how much violence and conflict we have in our lives. School shootings, murders, and even thefts surround our daily lives. When it comes to sporting events, movies, televisions shows, and books, all must have some element of conflict and violence in them to be successful.

Could the reason be our daily lives are so filled with struggles, we want to see fictional characters overcome conflicts? Seeing them overcoming their struggles encourages us in our small and large conflicts.

It motivated me to overcome my own struggles due to witnessing fictional characters defeat conflicts and violence.

I know some of the most successful people took part in one or more sports when younger. The conflict on the playing field makes the players learn how to play as a team and within the rules. Working well with others and within the rules of society are two biggies.

I believe we must abolish certain types of conflicts and violence. But through other types of conflict can we learn of a third option that the two opposing sides don’t see. We can do this through discussion and/or role playing from the opposing side’s point of view.