Making the Persecuted Stronger

This morning while watching the morning news, one of their lead stories were about PRIDE flags being removed along Harrison Blvd. The story focused on how the LGBTQ community banning together to put flags up that were taken down by vandals.

I had to step back and think about other persecuted groups. The Jews who were picked on for their sense of community and prosperity. They just wanted a peaceful life with their families. African taken from their homeland as slaves forced to create a life in a strange country. The LGBTQ community were targeted because their sexual preferences. Women in professional sports have come in the for front for getting paid a lot less than male athletics. These groups have only one thing in common. All these groups have a slight difference from our foreseen majority.

Looking back over history. I have observed the goal of the persecutors has backfired. These groups have gotten more press and become stronger and gain support from outside.

I am not saying if you want your group/community to become stronger. Seek persecution. In this blog post I am just pointing out a fact of group dynamics that creates the opposite in reality does that group a favor.

Long ago politicians learned this principle. To gain an edge over the competition, they find something most their constituents hate, and build themselves as a champaign against it. Hitler rose to power using this principle.

Rarely to you hear politicians rallying their constituents to build something. Most of the time, they find out what is incorrect and look to motivate their voters to hate as opposed to building together.

For myself. I would rather build than rally the majority to tear down some minority or oppressed group.