Read and Comprehend

Summer travel means more people moving about. A lot of those people rush off to a relaxing vacation. After a few days, they hurry back home to get back to work and their daily grind.

Getting lost while rushing from point A to point C, having to ask directions. Signs become a blur. The meaning and the purpose of a sign fades into becoming strange object. All too often, a vacationer needs to ask directions because they are in too much of a hurry to comprehend what the sign says and how it relates to them.

I have noticed this rush to get where they want to go. They skim the sign that is in front of them. This results in wasted time and pulling resources from customer service agents to answer a question the sign in front of them answers. Of course, this adds to the cost of the traveler.

Recently I visited Sea TAC airport. My travel companion mercilessly teased me for not finding my departing gate. I could not find a little six by eighteen sign among signs for shops, arrivals, departures, and public service reminders.

Granted, I would of have needed to take the time to look through all the signs and find the one applied to me. It would of have meant if I took the time of three slow breaths, I would of have seen the correct sign and comprehended the direction to the correct departing gate.

My recommendation to you is from an ole saying. “Stop and smell the roses and stop and read those signs carefully.”