Go To Denver

A sea full of people, all with unique personalities, some heading in similar and others in opposing directions. I see on the faces of some, suppressing their fear of flying for the convenience of getting to their destination in less time.

The sheer number of travelers at the Boise airport amazes me. However, when I arrived at Denver’s International Airport, the number of travelers surged from a small lake of fish to a sea of crowded fully stocked with fish getting directed to their desired destination.

My youngest daughter decided moving to Denver for grad school would be more economical if we flew rather than drive a U-Haul truck of some other land vehicle. She miraculously reduced everything was taking down four checked bags and two carryon cases.

Whenever I travel, maintaining a healthy diet is always a challenge. The limited selection and price of airport food doesn’t help. Before leaving for the airport, I had a bowl of oatmeal and coffee. At the airport, around eleven in the morning, I had some iced coffee. Our flight landed shortly after three in the afternoon. During the long walk from the plane to the baggage claim area, I felt like passing out. Altitude sickness came to mind. This proved not to be the case. I needed to eat some regular food.

Because of my physical condition, I opted to take a Lyft instead of renting a car. This proved to be the best choice. The last time in the mile-high city was December 1972. In the pass fifty years Denver had changed a lot from what I remembered. The Lift driver not only got my daughter and I to our destination safely, but he also gave us the highlights of the current Denver metro area.

Next week I will give you the highlights of my return trip and then things I discovered while in Denver.